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We love parties, especially craft parties!  It's a fun way to entertain, and your guests will have a keepsake to take home with them to remember your evening together.  What better way to celebrate a birthday, or a bridal shower, or....a Wednesday night!  

We have complete DIY kits to make your party planning easy!  No need to make a Costco run for 15 rolls of tape and glue. And you don't have to share one pair of scissors among the 10 of you either.  It's all in the kit!

Kits range in skill levels from toddler party worthy to the most skilled crafter.  Choose the perfect kit for your crafternoon, or feel free to send us your favorite Pinterest pin and we will make the individual kits for you.  

You take care of the food and drinks and we'll plan the rest so you can GoCraftYourself!